Research Area (7)

Geographic Information Infrastructure

We research, design, develop and teach innovative Client-Server-Architectures, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Web-Processing and Web-Applications.

The research area “Geographic Information Infrastructure” focuses on improving the provision, visualization and analysis of spatial data on the web. This includes research on the following domains:

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) to improve the provision and accessibility of data in a standardized way;
  • Geoprocessing Web to support interoperable and collaborative geoprocessing to analyse data online through web processing services;
  • Web-Mapping to provide an interface to visualize spatial data and supports the communication of spatial information.

In both conceptual and implementation terms Z_GIS has been involved in several projects to research and build up spatial system architectures and Web-Mapping frontends. Further research focuses on the enhancement of existing models, approaches and concepts.

Head of Working Group