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Object-based image analysis (OBIA)

Where GIScience meets image processing.

“Object-based image analysis (OBIA)” is at the interface between remote sensing, image processing, and GI analysis. Emphasizing spatial, structural and hierarchical features it focuses, but is not limited to geographical high-resolution imagery from Earth observation (EO) sources. In both methodological and conceptual terms Z_GIS has greatly contributed to the emerging field of OBIA. We branded the term and some of the key concepts and started a series of international scientific conferences. Z_GIS publishes key publications in refereed journals, and having compiled and edited the world’s largest compendium on OBIA with critical reviews on established and new conceptual insights and emerging application domains. The research area OBIA aims at methodological improvements of the overall approach and specific elements such as rule set robustness and transferability, accuracy assessment, change detection. The group working on OBIA will ascertain Z_GIS’ international leading role in this field by continuing and intensifying cooperation with the world’s leading OBIA software provider Trimble Geospatial and other actors in the open source domain (e.g. PUC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). High-level journal publications on both conceptual and applied aspects, including in non-geographical domains, will further increase the visibility and impact of the working group globally.