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Geospatial Innovation for Society

Join us at the AGIT and GI_Forum conference in Salzburg, Austria, from July 4-7 2017.

Geospatial Innovation for Society

Experts for the Spatial View

Z_GIS engages in capacity building activities, outreach initiatives and international collaboration projects.

Experts for the Spatial View

UNIGIS - Educating GIS Professionals Worldwide

The world’s premier distance education initiative is offering diploma programmes in GIScience and Systems.

UNIGIS - Educating GIS Professionals Worldwide

Welcome to the Department of Geoinformatics!

Z_GIS is an interdisciplinary Centre of Competence for Geoinformatics, serving the University of Salzburg as well as partner institutions and the geospatial community worldwide. By integrating basic and applied research with graduate education and outreach activities, we are contributing to applying new technologies and developing methods for managing our societies, businesses and environments.

Z_GIS contributes to the worldwide geospatial community through memberships in scientific and professional associations, through project partnerships and as a centre of expertise for industry partners. Our global network of academic partner institutions is a strong platform for exchange of students and faculty, joint research and fostering awareness, motivation and sustainable management of livelihoods.

As an interfaculty department, Z_GIS is aiming at excellence in research, education and communication across traditional disciplines, combining the best from the worlds of natural sciences, social and economic domains as well as technology and engineering.






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Annual Report 2015

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GIS-relevante Jobangebote und -gesuche finden Sie online auf www.zgis.at/jobs!

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