Organisation Networks

Division Networks and GISociety

The Z_GIS division of ‘Networks and GI Society’ connects professional networks and non-professional communities within the GI Society, aiming at heightening awareness and implementation of spatial thinking and spatial solutions in everyday life. We develop and provide concepts and solutions for applications of GI Systems in the domains of mobility and safety,  and contribute to the general education of the wider public through both secondary and postsecondary education and in-service training following the ‘spatial citizenship’ paradigm.

We address a range of fields across research and communication: network-based models and applications of GI Science like mobility and safety, investigation into various dimensions of GI Society (spatial citizenship)  defining educational needs, development and implementation of learning modules for non-professionals like students in secondary education and (in-service) teachers as well as the general public, andreaching out via science and industry related platforms of communication and networking, i.e. conferences ( /  and related p.r. and dissemination activities.







Head of Division

Bernhard Zagel
+43 662 8044-7532
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