Industry Cooperation with ESRI Development Center

We are proud to continue our long standing relationship with a market and technology leader like ESRI. As a capstone in our cooperation in education and research, the "ESRI Development Centre" facilitates promoting and showcasing next generation developments.

As an Esri Development Center, Z_GIS every year has the opportunity to select and nominate one top student based on his or her software development competence. The Esri Development Center (EDC) program provices "recognition and special status to university departments that have exemplary programs focused on educating students to design and develop GIS applications".
Between 2009 and 2014 the EDC best student distinction was awarded to 5 students of Salzburg University:

Mariana Belgiu (2009)
Bernhard Vockner (2011)
Christoph Mayrhofer (2012)
Caroline Atzl (2013)
Eva-Maria Schönauer (2014)

In 2014, Z_GIS and UNIGIS Salzburg received the ‚Special Achievement in GIS AWARD‘ (SAG) in recognition for contributions to worldwide education in Geoinformatics and GISCience.




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