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SCALA (2008 - 2011)

Scales and hierarchies in landform classification

The overall objective of this project is to provide a coherent framework of nested hierarchical organization of topography for modelling purposes. In order to adress this important topic, not only for geomorphometry, but for all fields that need morphometry as a boundary condition, innovative techniques supported by by fieldwork will be developed and applied.

The methodology will:

- differentiate characteristic scales associated with specific parameters and
parameters behaviour  across scales

- test the significance of morphometric patterns across scales

- setup a nested hierarchy of landforms, both morphometric and 
morphologic relevant

Instrument: FWF Austrian Science Fund

Role: Coordinator

Project volume: 280,000 EUR, Z_GIS share: 280,000 EUR

Contact person: Thomas Blaschke
Researchers involved: Lucian Dragut, Clemens Eisank

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