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Z_GIS R&D participates in a diversified project-scape, ranging from EU 7th Framework programme, Interreg and eContentPlus / PSP, over nationally and institutionally funded projects including fellowships to bilateral funding agreements with UN organisations and NGOs. Z_GIS has served over forty different research programmes and funding schemes.  Please see also Research Projects Archive.

EC Horizon2020 Research Framework Programme (2014 - 2020)
  • ESMERALDA (2015-2017)
    Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services are core to the EU Biodiversity Strategy
EC 7th Research Framework Programme
  • EnerGEO (2009-2013)
    Earth Observation for monitoring and assessment of the environmental impact of energy use
  • MS.MONINA (2010-2013)
    Multi-scale Service for Monitoring NATURA 2000 Habitats of European Community Interest
  • CHANGES (2011-2014)
    Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks - as Analyzed by A New Generation of European Scientists
  • TIRAMISU (2012-2015)
    Toolbox Implementation for Removal of Anti-Personal Mines, Submunitions and UXO
  • G-NEXT (2013-2015)
    GMES pre-operational Security services for supporting External action
  • MILESECURE-2050 (2013-2015)
    Multidimensional Impact of the Low-carbon European Strategy on Energy Security, and Socio-Economic Dimension up to 2050 perspective
  • G-SEXTANT (2013-2014)
    Service Provision of Geospatial Intelligence in EU External Actions Support
  • HEALTHY FUTURES (2011-2015)
    Health, environmental change and adaptive capacity: mapping, examining and anticipating future risks of water-related vector-borne diseases in eastern Africa
  • KNOW-4-DRR (2013-2015)
    Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation
  • CAERUS (2014-2017)
    Bridging the Gap - evidence based policy for post crisis stabilization
EC CIP - Competitiveness and innovation framework programme
European Space Agency (ESA)
FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
  • Urban Emotions
    Development of a methodology to extract contextual emotional information for spatial planning based on real-time people-as-sensors and crowdsourcing approaches within social media
European Territorial Cooperation Alpine Space Programme
FWF (Austrian Science Fund)
Institutional Funding
Klima- und Energiefonds (KLIEN)